Tastease Donuts: Hartford’s Tastiest Donuts!


After randomly searching for a good dessert place in CT, Tastease came up a lot and all I saw were lots of Instagram posts and good reviews. I had to go check this place out.

Last week, I wanted to surprise my husband with these donuts but we arrived at the store just a few minutes before the store was closing so obviously, no donuts for us! We wereΒ told that if we wanted donuts, it’s either we call a day before or I we come in early in the morning. So this morning, I called in to reserve a box — at 7 A.M. The person on the other end asked for my name and what time I was to pick up the box of donuts and I said I’ll be there by 9 A.M. I arrived at the place by 8:45 and this was what I saw when I stepped inside:

8:45 A.M.
8:45 A.M.


Not a lot of donuts left. I didn’t ask if they have another batch baking in the kitchen but with what I’ve observed, it’s better to just call ahead of time and RESERVE your box. Trust me on this one, you wouldn’t wanna waste your chances on getting your hands on these yummy treats! AΒ box of twelve yummy little donut goodness and waking up early to get these was really worth it.

Aren’t they pretty?


Despite their size (they’re quite small), I was surprised at how much flavor each bite has — these donuts are dense and just a few pieces and a cup of hot coffee would be enough for breakfast! (We’re not big coffee drinkers so we just had plain ol’ water but still worked well for us!)

Yay for donuts! I can’t wait to try out the other flavors!:)

Have an awesome day!

Tastease is located in 70 New Park Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. Call them at (860) 233 2235.

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Avocados are prepared in many different ways — as a guacamole, added into salads, etc. In the Philippines, however, savory preparation of avocado is trumped by the only way our childhood has ingrained in us — chilled, sweet, and creamy. Personally, pairing avocado with condensed milk is the only way I’ve eaten avocado, and though I’m willing to try the savory ones, I’m still a bit unsure how I’ll like it.

Anyway, I got some avocados the other day for Php75 (Php60/Kilo) and made one of my favorite treats — frozen sweetened avocado. I mashed up some avocados in a container, mixed in some condensed milk, then placed it in the Β freezer to just freeze up a bit. It ended up looking like this:


I’ve been playing around with making ice cream lately so I decided to give this a shot. Now I didn’t really want to add cream, milk, and sugar because I’m a huge fan of the condensed milk + avocado love team so what I did was just pureed the avocado, added the condensed milk, and froze it. When it was frozen, I thawed it up a little bit, incorporated some air into it using my hand mixer, then froze it again. I ended up with this:


This, my friends, is how I love my avocado.

How do you like your avocado? Please do comment below your favorite avocado recipes that I can try… And if you’ve tried it the sweet way for the first time, let me know if you liked it, I’d love to hear from you! πŸ™‚