My First Solo Trip: Bacolod (pt.3)

Day 2 (August 20)

Breakfast is until 10 A.M. and unfortunately, I woke up late :'(. Nonetheless, I still ordered Tapsilog. The food in Saltimboca was simple — just the basics to start the day right. It’s a good thing I ordered cold calamansi juice though, since the orange juice that came with the Tapsilog was made with powdered juice mix which I’m not a fan of.

After breakfast, I waited for cousin-in-law and the kids. I have planned for museum visits and a visit to Ruins, but the weather just wasn’t cooperative on the second day so I decided to just spend the day with the kids and my cousin. We went for a swim at the pool for a while and it was so much fun! 🙂

I was walking around the night before and saw Nena Rose just around the corner of the 14th street and got intrigued by it. With a little help from tripadvisor, I found out that they serve good inasal as well, so we decided to have lunch there with the kids.


After lunch, we were torn between going around museums and just watching Inside Out – since it might take a while again before I can see the kids, I decided it’d be better to watch the movie and just go to the arcade afterwards, so we went to SM Bacolod.


Panicking while packing for my trip caused me to pack an insufficient number of shirts… >__< It’s a good thing I brought a dress along for my 3rd day (going back to Manila). Nonetheless, I bought a spare shirt in SM Bacolod, just in case I’ll need it.

I originally intended this trip to go around, and just be on my own… but how could I resist the charm of a niece whom I last saw two years ago and a nephew whom I met for the first time? I usually avoid going to malls when travelling around, but staying in SM with the kids and my cousin-in-law isn’t so bad. After all, it’ll take a while to see them again.

I was a little bit hungry when I got back to Saltimboca so I walked along Lacson Street to see if there’s anywhere I can eat. It was already quite late at night so I settled with the restaurant around the corner, Amboy resto bar and grill, where I was able to get a serving of spareribs for only p85.



Day 3 (August 21)

pasalubong!!! 🙂

I bought pasalubong on the last day of my trip. Napoleones, Piaya, and Barquillos are on my list, and on top of that list is out childhood favorite — butong butong. It’s easier to get this sugary treat in Ilo-ilo than in Bacolod. Luckily, I was able to find them in a small store at the Central Market. My cousins and I then went to Merci’s for Napoleones and Bongbong’s for some Piaya and the rest of the pasalubong I needed to buy.

After some shopping, we headed back to Calea for some cakes and coffee.

By this time, I was already fighting tears and doing my best to focus my thoughts on what I needed to do at the moment.

An hour later and I was on my way to the airport where I would be stuck for another few hours due to delay. Nonetheless, the past couple of days have been awesome, and though I didn’t really plan out everything for this trip, I’m actually glad how everything just fell into place. 🙂 I’ll definitely be back to Bacolod. 🙂



Outré Manila’s Nitrogen Ice Cream and More

“When thou art craving, thou shalt go to BF”
…and visit this magical place called OUTRE.

With all the hype on social media, I, together with my sissies couldn’t help but want to try for ourselves what this resto offers… so last Saturday, my sisters, their friends, and I went to BF, Paranaque in search of Outre Manila. Don’t get lost like we did! (lol!) It’s located right beside G-spot bar and just across Tous les Jours. If you’re familiar with Larcy’s, it’s just a short distance from there.

ice cream station

I love the quirky/artsy interior of the place. They had actual customers do the “vandals” on the walls and the whole thing turned out pretty awesome. (Yay!)

6-hour beef ragu fettuccine

We were supposed to only get ice cream but I haven’t had anything to eat yet so I ordered the 6-hour Beef Ragu Fettuccine. I’m so glad I did — this is by far one of the best pastas I’ve ever had! Seriously, I’m recommending everyone to try this heavenly piece of heaven. Also, I’m still really curious about the Prawn Mac & Cheese and the Pulled Pork Sandwich so I’m pretty much gonna be back soon! (Plus, they change their Gelato menu every month, so that’s another reason to keep coming back!)

Now, for the main show, please welcome…. THE GELATOS. We got the Milo Dinosaur, the Tiramisu, and the Salted Caramel — all for only Php150 each! Mind you, these are HUGE servings! I love the creamy texture of their gelato as its taste is simple and not overbearing.

3 flavors
pardon the messy picture, we were in a hurry to start digging in 🙂


salted caramel ice cream
salted caramel

Among these flavors, I would choose Tiramisu as my favorite with its perfect combination of flavors — as the smoothness of the gelato is being given a different texture by the broas.


Eccentric, unusual, and extraordinary — true to what the word “outre”means, the food, the interiors, well, the whole vibe of the restaurant will keep conversations endless. Tag everyone along, specially the kiddos… it’s worth it. 😉


Click here to check out Outré Manila’s Facebook page!

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Zark’s Burgers: You’ll Just Keep Coming Back


The very first time I got to try Zark’s was in Taft, right in front De La Salle University. Their huge servings that comes in allowance-friendly prices are what makes this burger place really famous among students. They even have burger challenges such as the Jawbreaker challenge wherein a 1.5-lbs burger has to be consumed within 5 minutes, and the ultimate (warning: not for the faint hearted!) Tombstone challenge — a humongous 2-lbs cheeseburger smothered with cheese sauce and served with lots of fries… Finish this one in 10 minutes and you get featured in their Wall of Fame, plus you get a free shirt! Oh, did I mention they have amazing burger? 🙂
zarks storefrontMoving to Paranaque, I was eager to check out the places and finding Zark’s in BF was a homey find. I was just glad they have a branch around the area. I’ve kept coming back to this place, and the burger simply never fails.

zark's ultimate burger

For P130, the “Zark’s Ultimate Burger” is my choice. One will have to add P20 for the fries and Iced Tea since this is a Minor League burger — not a bad deal at all! 🙂

JackhammerFor P185, BF got a “Jackhammer.” I love how the cheese oozes out from the inside of the burger patty… Yum!! Since it’s a Major league burger, it already comes with fries and drinks. Imagine, a half pounder for only P185?!

To date, they have a total of six (6) branches. I think they’re still expanding, too.

To check out their burgers, click here for the menu.

What’s your favorite in Zark’s? 🙂

Mahogany Market, Tagaytay — Alegre

The skies have cleared up and the typhoon has just passed. It’s a Sunday — BF and I randomly decided to go up to Tagaytay. We stopped at Good Shepherd for some hot empanada, mango shake (for me), leche flan, and buko juice (for BF) for merienda. We didn’t bother buying pasalubong and instead went straight to Mahogany market.

For those who don’t know, Mahogany Market in Tagaytay is home to a number of restaurants that serve fresh Bulalo. If you’re looking for FRESH, they’ve got it, since the slaughterhouse is just a few meters away.

alegreWhen eating at an unfamiliar place there are certain things one would look out for: Is the place clean? Are the staff friendly, approachable and attentive to their customers? Is the food good?

We arrived at the “restaurants” side of the area, and choosing where to eat was quite difficult because all the restaurants look the same (btw, all the restos here serve free coffee!).

What made us choose this resto may be the fact that the server, “Ate Lenlen” greeted us very warmly and her friendly aura is quite inviting.

manangShe explained that their beef is very fresh and they only serve what they show the customers. We ordered  bulalo, three orders of rice, and a big bottle of Coke.

The bulalo was served in a big covered serving bowl (?) that ensured that the soup would remain hot throughout dinner.


What surely made our dinner special was the fact that despite the location, the staff gave service that’s worthy of a 5-star restaurant. Ate Len-len was the one who cute through the meat, made sure that our glasses are filled with soda despite having the bottle on our table (yes, she poured the soda every time) and that our bowls are filled with soup, meat, and veggies. And we didn’t ask… 🙂

leche flanAte Len-len recommended their special leche flan to which BF jokingly replied, “may hindi special?” 🙂

We paid P625 for dinner all in all and were too full. I think this would be great for a group of 4 or more…


(Hint: the soup is refillable and you can ask for free pineapples 😛 )

See you around!


Ippon Yari Calamba

There’s something about Japanese food that’s so warm, homey and welcoming. Growing up in a Japanese-Filipino family, we would always have Japanese food for dinner. This allowed me and my siblings to have a fair amount of opportunities to learn how to use our chopsticks well, how to tell whether the rice is good or not, and to have a certain taste for Japanese food.

One particular name that stands out in the Japanese restaurant scene is “Ippon Yari”. For years, they have been serving impeccable Japanese food to Filipinos and Japanese expats alike. Strategically located in areas where a lot of Japanese are, their branches are scattered around the south area.

Last weekend, before going back to Manila from a family gathering at Pansol, Laguna, I made sure to stop by Ippon Yari’s Calamba branch.

Before having our orders taken, we were all served a small plate of appetizer — a small serving of mildly flavored potatoes with a hint of sweetness.

2014-08-25 18.44.02

I’ve been craving for ramen and sushi for a considerable amount of time already so I intended to order those. We were not that hungry so BF and I asked the Chashyu Ramen to be split into two, and the serving was just right for our tummies.

2014-08-25 18.48.47

Firm noodles, soft pork, and rich, flavorful soup makes this glorious bowl of happiness that is the Chashyu Ramen. It was a little oily, but I later realized that it was this oil that makes the flavor stand out. I have to emphasize the softness of the pork which almost melts with every bite, and the texture of the noodles that has no hint of sogginess in it.

BF chose the Tekkamaki (tuna) for the sushi. Please note that it already has a hint of wasabi in it so for those not fond of wasabi, you might want to clarify it to the waiter. Otherwise, the amount of wasabi is helpful in keeping the clean flavor of the tuna.

2014-08-25 18.44.36


Friend ordered Cheese Tonkatsu and shared it with us, and I just found a new favorite!!! I love how the cheese is wrapped in the pork! Dear reader, you have got to try this. Promise!

2014-08-25 19.23.59


Another order of Friend was Salmon Sashimi. Another thing that’s awesome about this restaurant is, for good Japanese food, I would say that they’re not overpriced like other Japanese restaurants.

2014-08-25 18.44.52



The Dessert Menu:

2014-08-25 19.10.122014-08-25 19.10.38 (1)


Some pictures of the resto:

10656317_4567826929223_1347084156_n 10637745_4567825489187_828672444_n

I love this section wherein you’ll have to remove your shoes before a few steps to go in…. So Japanese-y! 😛10615804_4567825289182_118922725_n

On a final note, the food was great and the staff were polite. Overall, our experience was great and we’re surely coming back!! I saw some interesting (alcoholic) drinks in the menu that I haven’t seen in other restos in Manila, so I’m definitely gonna try them out next time.

Till next time!

~Your Little Foodie Buddy.

Chinese New Year in Binondo: “Makiki-New Year Din Kami!”

A random decision led us to going to Binondo for Chinese New Year. Food trip, lots of walking (and following the dragons and tigers around), free candies, and tikoy are what completed this fun-filled day spent with great people. And as if that still weren’t enough, this lucky day brought us two new friends. 🙂

Whenever I go to Divisoria with BF, we make sure to go to Ying Ying’s Tea House as much as we can (I for the fried noodles; him for the soy milk and the silver roll — he’s addicted to silver roll!)

After an awesome lunch at Ying Ying’s, we headed straight to our mission: finding the dragons!

Yellow and red lions
A mighty dragon
One of the longest dragons

I heard that about 6,000 tikoys were served at the plaza area…

And shirts were being thrown to those watching the parade…

The mayor, and the vice mayor 🙂

Anyway, here some Chinese proverbs to keep in mind for a happy year ahead:

Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.

“I heard” is good; “I saw” is better.

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Forget the favors given; remember those received.

If you want happiness for a lifetime; help someone else.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Your Little Buddy