A Quick Trip to Tagaytay

Wanting toΒ avoid the stress-filled city, my sister and I decided on a random trip to Tagaytay. Just an hour or so away from the city, Tagaytay is the usual go-to place for those who wants to go on a roadtrip, but doesn’t want to go too far, or for those who wants to escape the sweltering heat of Manila.


We went to Tagaytay with no specific destination in mind so we just got off the bus at Magallanes square. It was there where we decided to go to the Puzzle Mansion. We had to ask for directions from the tricycle drivers there, got on a jeep that goes to Alfonso, got off at Asisan, and took a tricycle to Puzzle Mansion.

cool trike! :)
cool trike! πŸ™‚

Initially, 1-way was p60 for the two of us. Since it seems difficult to get another tricycle going back, we asked the tricycle driver to just wait for us, and he charged us P150 for both trips.Β Entrance at the museum is P100 per person, and every minute spent in the museum was worth it.

Sissy and I were famished by the time we finished our museum tour, so we decided to get back to Magallanes square. Along the way, however, we passed by Bag of Beans, so we asked the driver to turn around and drop us off at the restaurant. I love Bag of Beans and any reason to go to Bag of Beans is a valid reason, even if it means just passing by it. πŸ™‚

After dinner, we were able to hail a bus right across the street that goes back to Coastal Mall terminal for P85 each (so convenient! πŸ˜€ ). Oh, and I just have to mention, the Cavite-Batangas Bus is awesome! The bus we took was new, and it has two cctvs at the front part of the bus inside.

Aaaaaand that, my friends, was how we had our quick trip to Tagaytay. πŸ™‚


Breakdown of fees:
Manila – Tagaytay Bus: P60 x 2 = P120
Magallanes Square – Asisan Jeep: P12 x 2 = P24
Tricycle (Asisan – Puzzle Mansion – Bag of Beans): P150
Puzzle Mansion Museum: P100 x 2 = P200
Dinner at Bag of Beans: approx P750 (for two)
Tagaytay – Manila Bus: P85 x 2 = P170


Wandering Around

Lately I’ve been having that certain suffocating feeling and a craving for nature (and ramen). Yesterday, I searched for ways to go to Ippon Yari, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there and thought it’ll take me hours to get there by commute and I was too hungry to wait so I decided it’s best if I went there another time. Anyway, I wanted to go out so I got dressed up, got my pretty strawberry walking shoes, my bag (and the camera I borrowed, but ended up not using even once throughout the day), and a bottle of water.

I went to the gate where I usually go to ride a jeep. From there, I have two options: to go to the other side of the street (there’s an overpass) then ride a jeep going left, or just stay where I am, where I can ride a jeep going right. Of course I took the overpass. Then I stayed at the 7-eleven… and thought “where would I go?” Without a destination, I stayed a few more minutes in this convenience store, before deciding to go to Mall of Asia instead.Β Living in the city, the nearest natural scene accessible to me is at the back of Mall of Asia — that stretch of saltwater hitting against rocks below a ledge. I was thinking of a farther place like Tagaytay or Batangas but at 5pm, I’ll have to stay the night which I don’t have funds for. So, MOA it is.

I like the camera of my phone (a Samsung S4) — it takes nice photos even at night. I’m still really not used to lugging a DSLR around so I just took pictures with my phone.



I had a quick dinner before going to the bay area so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy any more food there… although I saw the shawarma stand and was thinking if I should get one. I didn’t. πŸ˜›

Funny how malls have mini-amusement parks in them. And these trains… they have one of those in Glorietta and in SM Sucat as well. Sigh… if you can, take your kids to ride the real thing instead of paying to ride these trains that doesn’t go far. Or go on a trip to the provinces so kids can enjoy some beautiful scenery. I think that’ll be much more worth your money. πŸ™‚

This area is where BF and I usually go to hangout before. I love how it divides nature and the city — at one side is terribly busy with super bright lights, while at the other side is just a vast stretch of endless water meeting the sky at a point that’s almost invisible in the dark. This night was particularly windy so the waves were pretty strong. Along this long stretch of barrier are families, groups of friends, and couples hanging out — each having their own share of food, stories, etc.


I took a cab going home. While on the road though, the cab driver kept blaming me for choosing a route that’s more familiar to me, but wasn’t moving as fast as he wanted to I guess. Despite me telling him that it’s fine ’cause I’ll be paying anyway, he kept insisting that it was traffic and I shouldn’t have chosen this way and that I should’ve let him take the short cut (which by the way a lot of cars are already taking and by the looks of it was also starting to get too cramped)… Anyway, I ended up going down. Traffic wasn’t moving that time so I just got off the cab and slammed the door shut. I paid, of course, though I feel he didn’t deserve the payment for ranting the WHOLE time. I don’t take sides, but between drivers like these and Uber, grabtaxi, etc.?? I would gladly pay extra for a waaaay better service. Anyway, I just got a jeep, paid Php8 and was able to get home faster — with no ranting from anyone. πŸ™‚

By the way, the picture of that beautiful tree was taken from the area where I went off the cab. I was walking towards the area where jeeps where loading/unloading passengers when I saw this and took a picture of it. I usually get bad shots when it’s dark, but luckily, this picture turned out pretty nice.


When was the last time you had a strong urge to go out even without a clear destination in mind, like you really just have to go? Have you encountered cab drivers who seem to have an endless things to rant about? Or even blamed you for the traffic? I’d love to hear from you guys!

Note: all photos were taken with a Samsung S4; all of the pictures in this post are unedited. πŸ™‚

Mt. Pulag: Amba-Amba (Graduation Climb part1)

Victory liner(Cubao) was the choice of transportation for the Manila-Baguio travel or this Pulag trip. To make sure we all have seats, the organizer of Turin Outdoor Group bought our bus tickets beforehand — a few days before the departure date.

Buses leave at a 15-minute interval. A long line of chance passengers await in the hopes of an available seat so I highly recommend getting a ticket at least a couple of days before your target departure date. Do make sure that you come on time, or else your seat will be given to another passenger.

The facilities at the terminal was better than other bus terminals I’ve been to. The restrooms are clean enough, and tissue can be acquired from the cleaning lady at the door. There’s a tv, a charging station, and a couple of stores selling food and drinks for your trip, too.

We boarded the bus about 10-15 minutes before 11pm. We left the station at exactly 11 pm and it’s been 2 hours of travelling already. The trip is quite pleasant ride so far, and the choice of radio station is quite tasteful as well — 96.3 Easy Rock (I can hear some fellow passengers’ snores though, hehe).

Anyway, I gotta go get some shut eye. Please do keep checking this blog for updates. I’ll try to upload an update as much as I can. Good night guys!

P.s. I can’t wait to get to Baguio!! (Finally)