3AM Thoughts: Our Wedding

It’s been almost over a year and a half after our wedding, and I’m still surprised how time seems to be going fast and slow all at the same time. Hubby was in the US for a while when we got engaged, we planned for the wedding in a few months, he flew back to Manila for our wedding, we got married, spent a few days at the beach, went back to Manila, then he went back to the US, I followed him to the US after a couple of months, then we went back to Manila, we started a small business, and now we’re back in the US.

When planning for a wedding, it makes sense to decide on a small number of priorities that would act as a guideline for decisions since wedding planning can get exciting and it’s not uncommon for couples to end up with a wedding that wasn’t even close to their original vision. Early on, we decided that we wanted three things for our wedding: 1. to have a small list of people (50-60 was our target); 2. to stick to our allotted budget; 3. and for everyone to have a great time!

Being Filipinos, we both have big, extended families, and all our friends are practically family as well, so deciding on the guest list was a big challenge but in the end, everyone who were with us were people who were actually present in our lives.

We challenged ourselves to shell out as little money as possible for a venue that can hold both the ceremony and our reception, with awesome food of course. Out of all the venues we considered, we couldn’t have chosen a better one than Vikings Venue. With the help of my sisters, we were able to set the celebratory mood for a small amount.

Since we were doing everything DIY, we opted for some artificial flowers in peach and lavender color for the centerpiece and for my bouquet, which surprisingly wasn’t a bad idea at all since we didn’t have to worry about them wilting by the time of the event.

We bought a couple of yards of peach-colored cloth that I sewed for the tables. We bought acrylic photo holders for the travel-themed table numbers which I printed out. I typed and printed out all the place cards as well. My favorite part of the whole table setup was the Hershey’s kisses scattered on the table for the guests to munch on 😉 .

The peach and lavender colored ribbon back drop was a bit of a last minute thing but turned out nicely.

Diy photobooth props made by my sister allowed for lots of fun pictures for everyone, too!

Our giveaways were chocolate bars with a travel-themed wrapper that was designed by yours truly, and Starbucks Via for our ninongs and ninangs. 🙂

Everyone enjoyed really yummy macarons that we ordered together with our cake that was a personalized creation by the awesome Chef Joey Prats! All our pictures were wonderfully shot by our friend, Andrew Pamorada.

We went a little bit over our budget for the whole event because of last minute spending but it was not something we weren’t prepared for. Deciding on a small event was the best decision we made because we really wanted to make sure that everyone feels included and that everyone will have an wonderful time. My husband and I were blessed to get married with a simple yet unforgettable ceremony+reception with a small group of people who are present in our lives right from the beginning of our relationship and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way. 🙂



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