My First Solo Trip: Bacolod (pt.2)

Hi guys!Β Day 1 in Bacolod was a bit of a fail. First, I was TEN minutes late to the boarding, so I had to book the next flight. Huhuhu… πŸ˜₯ That really threw me off. I was even second-guessing the whole trip. Why am I here? Should I still go? I can always go back and get a cab home… I kinda wanted to go back home and curl up in my bed and just pretend the whole thing didn’t happen. If it weren’t for BF, who urged me on to just get on the next flight, I wouldn’t know what to do.

I then went on to get my ticket for the next flight. I had my breakfast at one of the (kinda-overpriced) restaurants near the boarding gate, waited a little more while charging my phone, and finally got on my flight. The change in schedule threw my morning plan off the windows and I’m just so glad that the window view that morning more than made up for the whole thing. Aside from the jittery feeling I get whenever I’m in a plane, I’m off to a better day ahead.

Isn’t this such a gorgeous sight? πŸ™‚

I met my cousin-in-law and my niece at Sanders Coffee and Sausages along Lacson Street. It took a little while for us to get to each other since they thought I was at the other branch. Anyway, after 2 years, I finally got to see them again (yay!). Another cousin arrived and we hung out there for some coffee, juice for me, hot chocolate for the little girl, Spareribs for the cousin, and more chitchat. By this point, I couldn’t take any pictures of the quaint Coffee and Sausage place because my phone was already drained and I just asked if I could charge my phone by the counter.

I was looking for a hotel that not only would fit my budget, but would also have a pool so that we could all go for a swim. With this in mind, I decided on Saltimboca. And I got a great deal! πŸ™‚ I got a single garden room with a published rate of P870 for an ongoing promo rate of only P670 per night including free breakfast. After checking in, we even let the little girl have a go at the swimming pool for a while.


The sun was bright and shining, but as much as my cousins and I wanted to stay for more chitchat, we were hungry. So we were on our way to Manokan country for lunch. Chicken inasal in Bacolod, for some reason, is waaaaaay better than the ones found in Manila. Maybe because of the option to eat with the hands? Or the fact that you’re actually in Bacolod? I don’t know… But I know this meal is awesome!

The lack of sleep caught up with me and I needed some Zs so we headed back to Saltimboca. I really wanted to spend more timeΒ with my cousin-in-law and niece but they insisted I get more rest so we called the day off.Β I couldn’t go back to sleep though, so I went out for a walk. Right around the corner was my favorite cake store which serves the loveliest desserts — Calea.


I was still full from the lunch we had earlier so instead of the usual cheesecake, I tried out theΒ Black Sambo and paired it with the hot chocolate. I loved them both, but I think the chocolate+chocolate thing is just a little too much so I would recommend having them separately. >_<



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