Avocados are prepared in many different ways — as a guacamole, added into salads, etc. In the Philippines, however, savory preparation of avocado is trumped by the only way our childhood has ingrained in us — chilled, sweet, and creamy. Personally, pairing avocado with condensed milk is the only way I’ve eaten avocado, and though I’m willing to try the savory ones, I’m still a bit unsure how I’ll like it.

Anyway, I got some avocados the other day for Php75 (Php60/Kilo) and made one of my favorite treats — frozen sweetened avocado. I mashed up some avocados in a container, mixed in some condensed milk, then placed it in the Β freezer to just freeze up a bit. It ended up looking like this:


I’ve been playing around with making ice cream lately so I decided to give this a shot. Now I didn’t really want to add cream, milk, and sugar because I’m a huge fan of the condensed milk + avocado love team so what I did was just pureed the avocado, added the condensed milk, and froze it. When it was frozen, I thawed it up a little bit, incorporated some air into it using my hand mixer, then froze it again. I ended up with this:


This, my friends, is how I love my avocado.

How do you like your avocado? Please do comment below your favorite avocado recipes that I can try… And if you’ve tried it the sweet way for the first time, let me know if you liked it, I’d love to hear from you! πŸ™‚



One thought on “Avocados!!!

  1. Kristel July 26, 2015 / 10:09 am

    i lvoe chilled avocado with condensed milk!

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