Nikko’s Baking Studio

While looking around for baking classes online, I stumbled upon Nikko’s Baking Studio and fell in love with the idea of a baking school that caters specifically to home bakers. I did some more readings (links below) and checked out their Facebook page, saw that they do have a restaurant — I need to visit this place and see it for myself!


I didn’t have anything to do last Saturday, so I went to Makati to check it out. Finding Nikko’s Baking Studio wasn’t very difficult. I’ll have to tell you not to stop at Ayala Triangle though (silly me thought it was really near Ayala Triangle so I ended up having to walk a bit) — remember, the place is located near Mandarin hotel, right across the open parking lot of Metrobank, just along Paseo de Roxas. You’ll see the red gate and the logo… 🙂

I adore the intimate setup of the restaurant — very homey, inviting, and relaxing. The breezy al fresco dining area feels like going to a relative’s place for merienda. This actually reminded me of the time when I was younger, going to my tutor’s place everyday after school and she would usually have some cinnamon toast and iced tea made for us.



I arrived around 4PM and it’s just another hour or so before closing time… I was also told that a class has just ended so it can also be that I arrived just after everyone else has left. I haven’t had anything to eat yet so I was quite hungry when I arrived at the restaurant. I wanted something with rice so (as per suggestion of the person who took my order) I ordered the Crispy Tapa and a glass (mason jar, actually) of Pandan Iced Tea.


The Pandan Iced Tea was very refreshing. The flavor is somewhat like the local gulaman (without the ‘gulaman’), but I like how the sweetness isn’t overpowering.


Served with garlic rice, two sunny side ups (you can have the eggs any way you want), and atchara — the tapa is very crispy, without being tough, and toasted but not burnt. I sooo love their Crispy Tapa! This is actually the best tapa I’ve ever had. The serving was more than I expected though,  so I ended up too full to have dessert (I imagine I could share this with another friend).


After my meal, I really really wanted to get dessert but I have to skip that for the day — I was just too full. Before leaving, I got the chance to be able to have a little chitchat with the owner, Chef Nikko (she’s one of the chefs whose cakes were enjoyed by the Pope’s delegate). The next time I go here, I’ll definitely get cake. 🙂


For baking lessons and other information, do check out their Facebook page:

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