Joey Ayala at Sev’s (Feb. 27, 2014)

(I found this buried in my drafts folder and thought I should edit and finally upload it.) 🙂

February 27, 2014
Browsing through Facebook for some ideas to do for the day, BF and I stumbled upon the page of Sev’s Cafe and saw that Joey Ayala would be performing that night. We were really impressed with his TED video which included his version of the Lupang Hinirang, so we decided to go (click here to watch the TEDx video). Since we both still didn’t have our salaries yet, we were on a budget — it’s a good thing that the P200 ticket has a P100 consumable per person included. Reservations were made with Ms. Ipat, and we were on our way to the place.

Located in Roxas boulevard cor. Vito Cruz, it’s very easy to go to and very accessible to commuters. It’s in the Vito Cruz side though, and you’ll have to walk a little from the corner till you see an entrance to a parking lot at the right side — it’s at the end of that parking lot. There’s a guard there you can ask as well. (click here for the map)

As we entered the restaurant, I immediately felt at home with the place. The welcoming atmosphere is just comfortable enough to make you want to come back again and again. It actually reminds me of living/dining rooms were friends and family would gather around and enjoy a great home cooked meal while sharing lots of stories over coffee and/or dessert afterwards (definitely dessert for me!!).

I ordered the Pork Afritada and a banana smoothie, but I highly recommend the Tapsilog and the mango smoothie which BF ordered. The dynamite is awesome with the extra crunch and creamy cheese while the squid rings are cooked just right (and would be great with beer). I’m not sure if I was able to take pictures of what we had  — It’s either buried in my dropbox or I think we were just both hungry that time that we didn’t even thought of taking pictures. Everything on the menu is priced more reasonably than most restaurants, and I was pleasantly surprised at the healthier options (i.e. brown rice instead of white rice; vinegar instead of ketchup-mayo dip, etc.). Oh and did I mention the mango smoothie? You need to try it. 🙂

joey ayala
Joey Ayala

The show started and all eyes were on Joey Ayala. He performed different songs of his — love songs, nationalistic ones, even funny ones among all others in his lineup. With every note and word was his love and passion for music, for his arts, and for the country. It’s amazing how in simplicity, the most heartfelt and striking songs were formed. Watching his own rendition of the national anthem on youtube already gave me goosebumps — this is one Filipino who really loves his country. Yet seeing him performing live onstage was a different experience. Simple words are those that actually pierce through one’s soul, encouraging one to think and reflect on the realities of the present and the current situation of the country.


The restaurant, just as Joey Ayala is, is proudly Filipino — from the flag just above the door, to a portrait of Andres Bonifacio at the back of the counter, to the tables, chairs, and other decors of the place, down to the menu (they serve Basi and Tapuy shots!) and ingredients. This place is perfect for schoolmates or barkadas who are looking for a chill hangout.


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