A Baguio Weekend (Day 1 – November 21)

[This is a late post]
November 21-23

BF has to go abroad next month for quite a long time, so for our last major out of town travel, we decided to go back to Baguio. He’s been to Baguio a lot of times already, but it’s technically my first time to actually be in Baguio to go around (I got to get a glimpse of Baguio after my Pulag trip, before going back to Manila last time).

Day 1

Our first official stop when we arrived was at the iconic Lion’s Head along Kennon Road.

The lion's best angle is it's side, I guess... It's not too photogenic here, haha!
The lion’s best angle is it’s side, I guess… It’s not too photogenic here, haha!

After a few pictures and a cup of strawberry taho, we were on our way to the city.

Though this trip was planned for a couple of weeks already, we didn’t bother with the itinerary. As for the place to stay, I was searching for a room through TripAdvisor while BF was looking around as he was driving.

We inquired at a couple of hotels, but none would fit our budget. We were about to inquire at Roccio Inn, but ended up being assisted by a person to a Condominium unit beside it that’s available for rent. It worked for us because the unit that we got was cheaper and more accessible since it’s a few minutes away from Burnham Park. Find out about the accommodations here.


We went for Pizza for lunch, as we decided to check out Amare La Cucina. We got lost, though, ending up at the old location  of the restaurant — this is were we stumbled upon a sweet surprise: Glyco Sweetshop. Their pretty facade just grabbed my attention and I simply had to go inside… and OMG, if you love cakes/cupcakes, please do go to this store ASAP! Their chocolate cake pops are to die for, and the strawberry cupcakes have just the right amount of sweetness.


Going back… LUNCH.

amare logo

We checked again online, and voila! We found the directions to the new location of the restaurant. Tip: their servings are big… We ordered pizza and wood fired ribs here and we were soooo full afterwards.

We went back to the condo to rest up for a bit before going to Cafe by the Ruins for light dinner. On our way to the restaurant, I couldn’t help but admire the night scene at the Burnham Park:lake

Because of the carbo-overload, we decided to order more carbs! Lol! Kidding aside, we had an order of carbonara split into two… we were just too full so half an order was just right… he had extra room for Ruins Coffee, and we shared an order of Leche Flan afterwards. 😉


What’s Baguio without ukay-ukay, right? Before heading back to the condo, we went straight to the night market for some shopping… To get a clear shot of the whole stretch of the night market, BF and I went up to on of the foot bridges, and I was just surprised to see its length.

food stalls
food and drink stalls – bbq, lugaw/goto, fried stuff, etc.
night market
night market

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