Philpost: Sending Love in a Box

Hi guys! I’m so excited! I was finally able to send BF his care package today! After a few weeks, I was finally able to finish the crocheted scarf and knitted cowl I was making for BF. I got all his food requests from the grocery (some Pinoy snacks, food mixes, etc.) yesterday, and I want him to be able to get the package in time for his birthday, so I decided to go to the post office today.

The first time I sent a package abroad was when I sent one to my best friend in Canada. I was still in school then so I sent the package through the school’s courier system which was also tied up with Philpost. My friends and I chipped in for the shipping fee back then, so it wasn’t too heavy on the pocket. The package was received in good condition so I knew that Philpost could be trusted. My original plan was to go to the postal office (?) of the school, but then I found out that the Paranaque Central Post Office is really near my place so I decided to try out their service.

I went to the post office around 4:30 PM today (Tuesday) so there weren’t much customers anymore. They close at 5PM and a sign on the counter says they still serve customers during lunch time. I was expecting to send two kilos worth of package but I over-shopped so I ended up with a three-kilo package instead. There weren’t any reference online for the shipping fee so the closest I found was the rates on so I allotted Php 3000 for two kilos. However, when I asked how much the lowest price is for 3 kilos, they told me I can send it for Php 2780 within 2 weeks. I also paid Php 54 for the box since I wasn’t able to get a box beforehand, so I paid Php 2834 in total.

20150210_170632 20150210_171104

Overall, I’m happy with the Paranaque Central Post Office experience. The staff were all friendly (kuya manong even helped me pack the items in the box so it would all be fitted snug) plus the transaction was smooth. I had to write down the information several times so if you’re planning to send a package, be prepared for a lot of writing. I would suggest checking out the rates in the website of xend for reference so you can have an idea of how much it would cost you to send a package overseas, and if time is not an issue, then you can save a little more on the shipping fee.

Anyway, I hope he gets my package soon…. and I’ll definitely make use of Philpost’s service again. 🙂



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