Goals in a Jiffy

Okay, so I need to write something in 10 minutes and I choose to write about my goals because I think I’ll have too many if I didn’t do this in 10 minutes… Here goes:

1. Experience the Sea of Clouds in Pulag — if you’ve read my previous blogs, I was able to hike in Mt. Pulag but didn’t get to reach the summit because of the terrible weather. Although the experience in itself was awesome, I need to get to the top and see that sea of clouds.

2. Be in my best shape — I used to be thin. I never felt I was thin because the environment I grew up in favored the skinny ones, but I used to be thin. It is only recently that I learned to love my curves, so I’d like to get back to my old (more confident) self. I need to get in shape because I will climb more mountains in the future. 🙂

3. Find a job that pays fair and will enable me to have a career — it’s time for me to get a job that would jumpstart my career. Although having a business is in mind, having work experience is crucial for skills and character building. I have to choose wisely so that I will not end up in dead-end jobs.

4. Set up a store with goods for travelling/mountaineering items — this one, I hope, will enable me to have extra funds for my future travels.

5. Get my garden to be organized — now gardening may be an odd choice of hobby, but the moment I started, I really enjoyed it and I won’t stop anytime soon. 🙂

Comments below!! 😀


Written in response to The Daily Post’s Ready, Set, Done


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