Mt. Pulag: Amba-Amba (Graduation Climb part1)

Victory liner(Cubao) was the choice of transportation for the Manila-Baguio travel or this Pulag trip. To make sure we all have seats, the organizer of Turin Outdoor Group bought our bus tickets beforehand — a few days before the departure date.

Buses leave at a 15-minute interval. A long line of chance passengers await in the hopes of an available seat so I highly recommend getting a ticket at least a couple of days before your target departure date. Do make sure that you come on time, or else your seat will be given to another passenger.

The facilities at the terminal was better than other bus terminals I’ve been to. The restrooms are clean enough, and tissue can be acquired from the cleaning lady at the door. There’s a tv, a charging station, and a couple of stores selling food and drinks for your trip, too.

We boarded the bus about 10-15 minutes before 11pm. We left the station at exactly 11 pm and it’s been 2 hours of travelling already. The trip is quite pleasant ride so far, and the choice of radio station is quite tasteful as well — 96.3 Easy Rock (I can hear some fellow passengers’ snores though, hehe).

Anyway, I gotta go get some shut eye. Please do keep checking this blog for updates. I’ll try to upload an update as much as I can. Good night guys!

P.s. I can’t wait to get to Baguio!! (Finally)


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