Mahogany Market, Tagaytay — Alegre

The skies have cleared up and the typhoon has just passed. It’s a Sunday — BF and I randomly decided to go up to Tagaytay. We stopped at Good Shepherd for some hot empanada, mango shake (for me), leche flan, and buko juice (for BF) for merienda. We didn’t bother buying pasalubong and instead went straight to Mahogany market.

For those who don’t know, Mahogany Market in Tagaytay is home to a number of restaurants that serve fresh Bulalo. If you’re looking for FRESH, they’ve got it, since the slaughterhouse is just a few meters away.

alegreWhen eating at an unfamiliar place there are certain things one would look out for: Is the place clean? Are the staff friendly, approachable and attentive to their customers? Is the food good?

We arrived at the “restaurants” side of the area, and choosing where to eat was quite difficult because all the restaurants look the same (btw, all the restos here serve free coffee!).

What made us choose this resto may be the fact that the server, “Ate Lenlen” greeted us very warmly and her friendly aura is quite inviting.

manangShe explained that their beef is very fresh and they only serve what they show the customers. We ordered Β bulalo, three orders of rice, and a big bottle of Coke.

The bulalo was served in a big covered serving bowl (?) that ensured that the soup would remain hot throughout dinner.


What surely made our dinner special was the fact that despite the location, the staff gave service that’s worthy of a 5-star restaurant. Ate Len-len was the one who cuteΒ through the meat, made sure that our glasses are filled with soda despite having the bottle on our table (yes, she poured the soda every time) and that our bowls are filled with soup, meat, and veggies. And we didn’t ask… πŸ™‚

leche flanAte Len-len recommended their special leche flan to which BF jokingly replied, “may hindi special?” πŸ™‚

We paid P625 for dinner all in all and were too full. I think this would be great for a group of 4 or more…


(Hint: the soup is refillable and you can ask for free pineapples πŸ˜› )

See you around!




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