Ippon Yari Calamba

There’s something about Japanese food that’s so warm, homey and welcoming. Growing up in a Japanese-Filipino family, we would always have Japanese food for dinner. This allowed me and my siblings to have a fair amount of opportunities to learn how to use our chopsticks well, how to tell whether the rice is good or not, and to have a certain taste for Japanese food.

One particular name that stands out in the Japanese restaurant scene is “Ippon Yari”. For years, they have been serving impeccable Japanese food to Filipinos and Japanese expats alike. Strategically located in areas where a lot of Japanese are, their branches are scattered around the south area.

Last weekend, before going back to Manila from a family gathering at Pansol, Laguna, I made sure to stop by Ippon Yari’s Calamba branch.

Before having our orders taken, we were all served a small plate of appetizer — a small serving of mildly flavored potatoes with a hint of sweetness.

2014-08-25 18.44.02

I’ve been craving for ramen and sushi for a considerable amount of time already so I intended to order those. We were not that hungry so BF and I asked the Chashyu Ramen to be split into two, and the serving was just right for our tummies.

2014-08-25 18.48.47

Firm noodles, soft pork, and rich, flavorful soup makes this glorious bowl of happiness that is the Chashyu Ramen. It was a little oily, but I later realized that it was this oil that makes the flavor stand out. I have to emphasize the softness of the pork which almost melts with every bite, and the texture of the noodles that has no hint of sogginess in it.

BF chose the Tekkamaki (tuna) for the sushi. Please note that it already has a hint of wasabi in it so for those not fond of wasabi, you might want to clarify it to the waiter. Otherwise, the amount of wasabi is helpful in keeping the clean flavor of the tuna.

2014-08-25 18.44.36


Friend ordered Cheese Tonkatsu and shared it with us, and I just found a new favorite!!! I love how the cheese is wrapped in the pork! Dear reader, you have got to try this. Promise!

2014-08-25 19.23.59


Another order of Friend was Salmon Sashimi. Another thing that’s awesome about this restaurant is, for good Japanese food, I would say that they’re not overpriced like other Japanese restaurants.

2014-08-25 18.44.52



The Dessert Menu:

2014-08-25 19.10.122014-08-25 19.10.38 (1)


Some pictures of the resto:

10656317_4567826929223_1347084156_n 10637745_4567825489187_828672444_n

I love this section wherein you’ll have to remove your shoes before a few steps to go in…. So Japanese-y! 😛10615804_4567825289182_118922725_n

On a final note, the food was great and the staff were polite. Overall, our experience was great and we’re surely coming back!! I saw some interesting (alcoholic) drinks in the menu that I haven’t seen in other restos in Manila, so I’m definitely gonna try them out next time.

Till next time!

~Your Little Foodie Buddy.


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