Rainy Day? Eat Ice Cream!!! — Baskin Robbins in the Philippines

For a part of the world, the month of July would be the start of summer. In Manila, July would equate to rainy days. This July, however, it’s gonna be different! It’s rainy-days-no-more with the opening of BASKIN ROBBINS Philippines!!! Yes!! You heard it right! Baskin Robbins is now in the Philippines! At the second floor of Bonifacio Global City Central Square to be exact.

July 1st marked the grand opening for this heaven-sent ice cream store and it features A LOT of flavors (one of the 31 originals at once actually) to choose from, be it the ordinary single scoop of vanilla ice cream in a wafer cone or a pile of several scoops of ice cream with lots and lots of toppings…. in a wafer bowl?

Well, the first time I went there, I was so excited because finally there’s a proper ice cream store that has A LOT of options to choose from (plus they have a wonderful selection of ice cream cakes!).

Aaaaaaand this is what BF and I ordered:

very berry strawberry and mango tango ❀


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? comment below, I’d love to hear from you! πŸ™‚

Bonus: What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about your personality?? click here

Till next time!

Your little buddy.





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