Dec. 22, 2013

Morning up in the mountains was painfully cold — at least for me because (#1) I seem to be weak when it comes to nature’s cold temperature, and (#2) silly me was not prepared for the weather.


We went up to the summit out of curiosity (and we were also hoping to see the sunrise) and really regretted not having a jacket with me. I used the towel I brought as a blanket, but it was still not enough….. We reached the summit in less than 5 minutes (honestly, though, when you’re up in the mountain, time seems to be non-existent which is what I love most about these trips!)>____< We went back to the campsite for breakfast.

Since it’s our first time to climb (and organize one) on our own, we stuck with the easy-to-prepare food for our meals. Breakfast was composed of easy just-add-water pancakes (sprinkled with sugar as a substitute for syrup), pork and beans, and hot Milo. The Hot Milo was really helpful in keeping us warm.

Anyway, a climb would not be complete without awesome pics so we went back to the summit to take some, which is the last part of the itinerary before breaking camp.

Breaking camp was easy-peasy… but a little sad because of this realization that we’d have to go back to reality a little too soon.

Anyway, this is a picture of the store at the jump-off area where you can buy some souvenirs and drinks:


We went to a beach just a few minutes away from the jump-off by a tricycle. The other two groups we met stayed at Philpan resort to cool down and have a swim. We decided otherwise though and took our chances by looking around for other resorts near Anilao… maybe we’ll try staying at Philpan next time. 😉

Going back to the terminal, we met some people from one of the groups who we met earlier at the summit the night before which was really cool. It was a pleasant surprise and a really good coincidence. We made our introductions and shared our stories and had an awesome time on the way to the terminal. The group separated at the terminal and went on each of our own ways.

Just a short reflection…..

These are the things I wish I’d have done:

  1. taken lots and lots more pictures… (and brought the better camera)
  2. brought a jacket and another extra pair of socks
  3. exercised a lot more prior to this climb
  4. taken down notes on the expenses

Over-all, I really enjoyed this climb and I’m happy that there are only 4 of us who went to this climb. I think I would’ve had worried over little things a lot more if more people went since it’s our first climb. Now, I’m excited for the upcoming trips our group would go to…!

Your little travel bud.


When we went there, the road leading to the jump-off from the main road was already being done. A friend of mine went there about a week ago and she said that a cemented road/path was placed up to the summit. This is a really disappointing and sad news though. I wish they could just undo this.



  1. lenathebackpackingballerina February 20, 2014 / 5:56 am

    Sounds like so much fun! yes investing in a good camera is also nice. In the end its the moments that we didn’t get to capture that we might regret. So take loads of pictures and keep them as memories.

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