Words for Snapshots

“My favorite cup of coffee”
“Hanging out with my bestie…”
“Yummy cupcake!”
“Awesome sunset!”

It’s easy to take out our phones and capture moments in a single click of a button with whatever gadget is at hand, and yes, I, too, am guilty of this. So when I stumbled upon this week’s weekly writing challenge, I was reminded to pause for a while and take this opportunity to just write.

Finals week is fast approaching and everyone is busy. I sit here in a small milk tea shop near my university, taking advantage of the store’s free wifi connection. If I were to take a picture and upload it right now, it would be a picture of a half-full cup of strawberry-lemon green tea. That’s it.

My friends/followers in Facebook would probably like the photo in an instant (Or maybe not?), not knowing that I’m supposed to be doing something else — something of more important value, instead of taking pictures of mundane objects or writing this blog.

The girl in the next table just took a selfie. Her friend just arrived with food in hand. Another selfie.

Filipinos love taking pictures (hence the Filipino term “Kodakan”) but what have become of pictures these days? While I appreciate photos of friends, or food, or places I’ve never been to, it’s sad to think how memories are now so dependent on how much memory your phone or camera has left. And in the instance of failure on the part of your gadget? Memory is easily deleted. I wouldn’t say that photos are superficial, but let me say that we should be reminded to live in the moment, take the time to be in the moment and not be too dependent solely on what we can see.

My cup is empty now.

I shall go back to work.



This post is written in response toΒ Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots.


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